Weisskopf (2016)

One of my first self designed game res creatures, inspired by The Witcher games, books and artists like Marcin Klicki.

It was a lot of fun to develop this from sketch to model.

Showing a keen predatory intelligence, the Weisskopf will hunt solitary or coordinated in a pack, depending on the prey. It uses its teeth to kill and its claws to maim, disembowl and rip foes apart into manageable portions to be swallowed whole. The Weisskopf´s name comes from its pronounced strong skull features accentuated with black and white fur. The Weisskopf uses its strong neck to propel its solid head forward, using it to stun prey and rivals alike or gore them repeatedly with its tusks.

Jasper vick weisskopf new 02
Jasper vick weisskopf new 01
Jasper vick jasper vick weisskopf01 med
Jasper vick jasper vick weisskopf03 med
Jasper vick weisskopf02 copy
Jasper vick weisskopf01 copy